Some books are clearly written and well researched. Others are inspirational page-turners. A rare few have those important qualities and the power to transform the way you think about yourself and the world around you. How to Get an “A” in Life is all of this and more. John and Diane combine hard-won, firsthand knowledge of business and athletics with a commitment to definitive research and a natural gift for story-telling. Every chapter drives home the link between our beliefs and the quality of our decisions, our values, and the significance of our achievements.

The Seven Pillars of Achievement model featured in this work is the culmination of an intensive, 10-year review and synthesis of thousands of scientific studies, audio and video programs, journals, articles and books on human performance. By focusing on the seven key values or “lead dominoes” in the Pillars model, 170 other qualities and traits of success naturally follow, like falling dominoes. These seven are the ones worthy of “pillar status” because they share a very special causal power that others lack. The seven pillars lead to every conceivable ingredient of achievement and are simple enough for young people, yet powerful enough for adults to use in daily life. Imagine having a powerful model—a memorable, “portable” value system—which we can take anywhere and conjure up at will to use as a filter between that which happens to us and what we do about it?

How to Get an “A” in Life will help you achieve unprecedented levels of focus and effectiveness in all areas of your life. After reading How to Get an “A” in Life, you will have a powerful set of tools to improve your life, rid yourself of clutter and complexity, and learn efficient ways of navigating the inevitable “gray areas” of decision-making. Based on exhaustive research and wisdom from the ages, How to Get an “A” in Life unlocks the secret of success—a unique set of values called the Seven Pillars of Achievement.


  • What John and Diane have written is a game plan for life. It has more depth than the best self-help books I’ve read. This book may well represent a breakthrough in human and organizational development, masterfully combining the timeless as well as the new.

  • —John Wooden, UCLA Basketball Coach Emeritus, winner of 10 NCAA championships, author of My Personal Best: Life Lessons from an All-American Journey, Wooden, Inch and Miles: The Journey to Success and other books and audio programs


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