John P. Dudeck is a Principal with Guardian Equity Growth, a private placement real estate investment firm facilitating group investing. He’s also an Advisor and Principal with Synergy Land Group, a pre-entitlement land investment firm. He is widely known as one of the most successful real estate practitioners in the country and was named one of the Top Ten professionals in U.S. commercial real estate by the Commercial Investment Real Estate Journal. Mr. Dudeck has also delivered his programs on Effectiveness and Strategic Execution to hundreds of high-achieving individuals and teams. A former world-class athlete, he broke a 40-year-old record to win the BigTen Championship in the discus event. Mr. Dudeck is a popular keynote speaker on real estate, human, and organizational performance for major corporations, associations, and universities and has been featured or quoted in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, ABC, NBC, and other major media.

Diane Dudeck is a marketing executive with Cisco Systems, the worldwide leader in networking for the Internet. Prior to Cisco, she was a marketing consultant for a variety of firms including Chevron, Stanford University, and the Rockefeller Group. She was also an instructional designer for Apple Computer and an award-winning Art Director and photographer.

In 1995, the Dudecks founded a nonprofit 501(c)(3) educational foundation, How to Get an “A” in Life®, Inc., to provide teenagers with research-based life skills and leadership training. The How to Get an “A” in Life program was nominated for the Thousand Points of Light Award through The White House. A portion of the proceeds from How to Get an “A” in Life will be donated to fund these efforts.



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A corporate logo became a necessity when we formed The Dudeck Group in 1994. Believing that symbols matter, and that there should be little difference between corporate and personal governance, we sought to create something of lasting value for our family, employees, and clients. After researching family coats of arms, we decided to create a family and corporate crest.

Each feature within the crest is designed to have specific significance to the values and underlying culture of The Dudeck Group. The first step was to determine what we wanted to stand for as individuals and as a group. Since our major research project on high performing teams and individuals was underway, we let the research dictate the key attributes or traits of success. If the main objective in life is to gain Wisdom, the question becomes, “How do you get it?” The Pillars of Achievement model, which sits at the base of the crest, is our best answer. It is our belief that these seven core values not only lead one to Wisdom, but also lead naturally to most of the other 170 qualities of top performing, fulfilled, service-minded people.

The next symbol, the discus thrower, depicts the first modern-day Greek Olympiad. It is also a symbol for the proper integration of mind, body, and spirit, another major key to balance and success which we feature in How To Get an “A” in Life.

The open book signifies profound knowledge. There is no substitute for the insights, creativity, and wisdom that is so influenced through the process of learning. Knowledge is to Wisdom what integrity is to character.

The eagle is our symbol for Wisdom. The eagle is also America’s national symbol ever alert, graceful and strong. The script in the eagle’s talons states “Theory and Practice.” Although theoretical and conceptual development often precedes practical application, relevant knowledge and breakthroughs in personal and professional accomplishment need to be screened by a filter called experience. Although theoretical constructs frequently pierce the barriers of conventional thinking while creating an initial process to implement the new (or old) concept, the best ideas are ultimately those that are useful in the real world. The fact is that we need both theory and practice for real progress.

The star above the eagle’s head signifies a connection to God and aspiration. The Dudeck Group helps people and organizations to ”reach for the stars” by focusing on quality decision making that is in alignment with universal values.

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