What John and Diane have written is a game plan for life. It has more depth than the best self help books I’ve read. This book may well represent a breakthrough in human and organizational development, masterfully combining the timeless as well as the new.

—John Wooden, UCLA Basketball Coach Emeritus, winner of 10 NCAA championships,
author of My Personal Best: Life Lessons from an All-American Journey, Wooden,
Inch and Miles: The Journey to Success
and other books and audio programs.

How to Get an “A” in Life is a passionate, well-researched call to action. By clearly and masterfully articulating the power of values to fuel achievement, it will help you discover your unique potential and achieve the things you’ve always wanted most in life. In business and in life, values are everything.

—John Chambers, President and CEO, Cisco Systems

John and Diane’s book on individual and organizational development is a major work of unprec-edented magnitude. The book focuses on two original models for individual and collective achievement . . . They have developed and pilot-tested a process for transforming personal potential into real life excellence. I believe this work represents a major contribution to the fields of human potential and self-development.

—Richard G. Lugar, Senior U.S. Senator, Indiana
Chairman, Foreign Relations Committee

This is a wonderful book, full of practical ideas for greater success and happiness in every area of life.

—Brian Tracy, author of The Psychology of Achievement, Change Your Thinking,
Change Your Life,
and many other bestselling books and audio programs

John and Diane Dudeck have figured out the secret of success, living a life based on values, allowing a full understanding of which values to focus on and why they lead to all others. Required reading for ALL parents and their children!

-Dr. Tony Alessandra, author of Charisma, The Platinum Rule,
and many other bestselling books and audio programs

. . . the need for literature with character and integrity is very great (particularly considering the direction this country is headed in at the current time). Your book has both.

—Lou Holtz, Former Head Football Coach, University of South Carolina and University of Notre Dame

This book is a wonderful and informative contribution to anyone wishing to contribute to the grand adventure of human life. John and Diane Dudeck have written a winning book.

—Harold H. Bloomfield, M.D., author of The Power of Five
and many other bestselling books and audio programs

How To Get An “A” In Life is an inspiring, uplifting, and helpful guide to all those who sincerely wish to succeed with integrity and honor. You will want to purchase many copies — it is a perfect gift for those who are beginning college, or starting business enterprises. Well done!

—Dottie Walters, President, Walters International Speakers Bureau and
author of Speak & Grow Rich and many other books and audio programs

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